“Hemp Heros are massive animal lovers and this love for our furry friends was one of the key reasons why Hemp Heros was established.” About — Pets Range
Hemp Heros™️

Hemp Heros ™ is an Irish and UK company founded in 2018 and was launched in response to a demand by Customers for high quality CBD/Hemp Products. At Hemp Heros we work directly with Organic Hemp Farmers across Europe to ensure we use only the finest raw materials in our products. All our products are made using Industrial Hemp which ensures it has no intoxicating effect whatsoever.

Continuous research and development have enabled us to deliver the very best CBD Oil Ireland has to offer.

When it comes to Hemp/CBD we are leading experts in this field and are members of the European Industrial Hemp Association, Irish Hemp Co Operative and Retail Excellence Ireland.



Our mission is to provide people around the globe with High quality CBD and Hemp products and to educate people on the many benefits Hemp can bring.

“Be the Hero of your own Health”



“Our vision is to create a better everyday life for our customers the natural way.”




In everything we do we ensure quality is at the forefront. We provide outstanding products and unsurpassed service that, together, deliver premium value to our customers.


We uphold the highest standards of integrity in all of our actions. This means being about to look at ourselves in the mirror at the end of the day.

Make a difference

We want to make a positive impact to the lives of our customers and educate people so they can become the Heros of their own health.

Dare to be different

We dare to challenge the status quo and try new things. Through continuous innovation and research, we aim to lead from the front.


One of the many reasons we love what we do is because Hemp is the most sustainable crop in the world and is great for the planet. It cleans the air, regenerating soil and can produce thousands of sustainable, biodegradable products.

Treat customers the way we’d like to be treated

We treat people like people and expect the same respect in return.

All our products are Third Party Lab tested to ensure they are of the highest standard.

Matt Eire2
Matt Eire2
I bought this for my dog💪 ... I also have been using the product myself as it's top quality.. my pets and family will now all be using this CBD product as the benefits are awesome.. good quality CBD = Good life 👍🙏
K Cunningham
K Cunningham
My dog is a big fan of the calming dental sticks. She suffers with a bit of separation anxiety, so they've definitely helped make crate-time more enjoyable for her while we're out of the house.I've also swapped out my decaf tea for the hemp tea in the evening, and it's helped to reduce my stress at the end of the day and improve my sleep - Unwinding is much easier!Highly recommend products for both pets and humans alike.
We’ve ordered online from Hemp Heros several times and always found the customer service and speed of delivery to be excellent. Our rescue dog takes the Pet CBD oil daily and all the dogs have now tried the new calming dental sticks. The ingredients are so much nicer than the rubbish in some big company’s dental sticks. The dogs love them.
Lucile Jaffre
Lucile Jaffre
I had a great experience dealing with the staff at Hemp Heros. David is a true animal lover and helped me identify what dose to give my elderly dog, and what product to get for myself. We've been giving CBD oil to our dog for the past few weeks, and the results have been impressive. It has definitely boosted his appetite and energy, which he was lacking due to an advanced cancer. This in turn helped us decrease his medication (as agreed with our vet). I haven't started mine yet, but David has given me lots of guidance on how much to take and when depending on my goals. I definitely recommend Hemp Heros! Also it's great to be able to support an Irish business when they are doing such a great job.
cat hughes
cat hughes
I'm so impressed by the difference that daily Hemp Heroes CBD supplements have made to my dog, Rian. He was rescued from very difficult circumstances and was extremely shutdown for the first couple of years. We followed all vet and training advice and had resigned ourselves to the fact that he would always be anxious and shutdown. I decided to chance the supplement and the difference in him is amazing. He'll always be an odd little character, but he's happy on walks and even plays with toys at home. I'd recommend the supplements to anyone with an anxious pet.
Hemp heros cbd has help my quality of sleep greatly and also the length of time it takes me to fall asleep has definitely decrease. I highly rate this product would definitely recommend. Delivery is quick and the customer service is great any questions i had were answered within min .very happy overall .